Shot Put

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Shot Put

shot put

The shot put is an event in which the participant stands inside a circle and attempts to “put” a weighted ball as far as they possibly can. The “put” is different from a “throw” due to the motion of the arm. It has a history back to ancient times when people threw rocks from a distance. During the Middle Ages, competitions on who could throw a cannonball the furthest has been recorded.

Currently, the shot put is thrown both during indoor and outdoor track and field seasons.

The shot itself will vary in weight, depending on the level of competition and between men and women. 

Women will use a 4 kg (8.81lb) shot from high school to college/Olympic level. Men at the high school level will use a 12lb (5.44kg), Junior competitors 14lb (6.35kg) and then at college/Olympic level 16lb (7.25kg).

shot put ball

All competitors stand in a circle that is 7 feet (2.135 m) in diameter that has a 10cm toe board at the end. Competitors put the shot into the “sector” which is a partial circle of 34.92 degrees from the center of the throwing circle. Competitors are allowed to stand anywhere in the circle and move through the circle before putting the shot into the sector.

Here are the rules you must abide by in Shot Put:

  • Competitors cannot enter the circle until their name has been called
  • The competitor must place the shot against their neck and it must stay there until it is released
  • Once the shot has landed in the sector the command “mark” is given to which the competitor exits the shot
  • A measurement is recorded from the inside of the toe board to the mark at which the shot landed.

Fouls are called if the competitor performs any of the following violations:

  • Enters the ring before name being called
  • The shot coming away from the neck before the release
  • Any portion of the competitor (including clothing) touching the top or outside of the ring or toe board
  • Exiting the ring before the “mark” command
  • Exiting the ring from the front half of the circle



What is Shot Put in Physical Education?


Reading Assignment

Explain what warrants a foul call in Shot Put


Weekend Assignment

Explain any two rules in the Shot Put game. 


We hope you enjoyed today’s class. In our next class, we will be talking about the High Jump Pole Vault.

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