Racket Games Squash

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Racket Games Squash 

racket games squash

Squash is a racket-and-ball sport played by two or four players in a four-walled court with a small, hollow, rubber ball. The players alternate in striking the ball with their rackets onto the playable surfaces of the four walls of the court. 

If the ball hits the floor twice before a player can manage to take their shot, the opposition gets a point.

Players can also hit the ball against the side walls or the back wall (within the out lines) and multiple ricochets off walls are fine as long as the ball doesn’t hit the floor before striking the front wall.

If any of the shots hit the tin or the out line, it is considered out and the opposition gets a point. Players switch sides on the court after every point.

Players can also lose a rally if the ball hits them on their body or touches a part of their clothing before making contact with their racket.

During the course of a rally, controlling the T (intersection of the short line and half-court line and the two corners where the side walls meet the back wall) become paramount and players often jostle for favorable positions.

However, if a retreating player, who has just taken his shot, interferes with the receiving player’s shot, it can result in penalties and a loss of points. The decisions are taken by referees.

There are three types of infractions in squash – let, no let and stroke.

Let – If a rally breaks down due to interference but it wasn’t an intentional infraction by either player, a let is called. No points are won or lost for a left decision and the rally is replayed.

No let – If the retreating player, after playing the ball, makes a full effort to get out of the way of the incoming player but the latter is deemed to have made minimal effort to play his shot resulting in a rally breaking down, a no let is called. The retreating player wins a point for no let.

Stroke – Basically the opposite of no let. If the retreating player, after playing the ball, is deemed to have intentionally obstructed the incoming player from taking his shot, a stroke is called and the incoming player wins a point.

Types Of Squash Shots

There are several types of squash shots through which players try to bamboozle their opponents and win points.

Some of the most popular squash shots are:

Drive Or Rail Shot: The most common shot in squash where a player hits the ball as close along the side walls as possible to make it difficult for the opponent to get his full racket to the ball.

Drop: A drop shot in squash is a gently played shot aimed just above the tin of the front wall. It kills the momentum of the ball and lands very close to the front wall, requiring the retrieving player to cover a lot of ground to get to it before the ball bounces twice.

Lob Or Toss: When a player uses soft hands to hit the ball high against the front wall so that it arcs over the opponent’s head and lands deep inside the court, preferably as close to the back wall as possible.

Boast: A boast shot is when a player hits the ball against the side wall with the correct angle so that it reaches the front wall before bouncing. A boast shot forces the opponent to go close to the front wall to retrieve. It is mostly played as a defensive shot when a player is backed into a corner and needs time to recover and take back control of the T.

Volley: Any shot played before the ball hits the floor after bouncing against the front wall is called a volley.

In summary, The objective of the Squash game is to hit the ball in such a way that the opponent is not able to play a valid return. 


Explain how the Squash game is different from Badminton.


Reading Assignment

What are the popular shots in the Squash Game?


Weekend Assignment

Give two Aims of The Racket Games Squash 


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