High Jump Pole Vault

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High Jump Pole Vault

high jump pole vault

High Jump Pole vault is a full medal track and field event at Olympic Games, requiring a competitor to leap over a bar using a long flexible pole made either of carbon fiber or fiberglass. It is one of the four major jumping events in athletics, the other three are high jump, long jump and triple jump. The High Jump Pole Vault has a lot of similarities to the high jump event.

Also known as Pole Vault, it requires high running speed as an essential requirement for an athlete to be able to successfully jump over the bar using the pole. The technique requires a lot of practice and time to be mastered. Inexperienced athletes trying the pole vault can lead to broken poles and injury.

It is crucial to use a pole in accordance with your body weight. Usually there is a red band to indicate the recommended range of where to grip the pole. There is a specific area in which the pole bends perfectly and the vaulter must take special consideration of that for efficient bending.

The winner is the athlete to successfully clear the highest bar height. The athlete can choose which height they would like to start. They then have three attempts to clear the height. If the height is cleared, they can then attempt the next height, where they will have three more attempts. Once the vaulter has three consecutive misses, they are out of the competition and the highest height they cleared is their result.

In summary, High Jump Pole Vault demands high running speed as an essential requirement for an athlete to be able to successfully jump over the bar using the pole.


What is the High Jump Pole Vault?


Reading Assignment

What other Sport Game is High Jump Pole Vault similar to?


Weekend Assignment

What are the consequences of participating in the High Jump Pole Vault without practice? Explain five. 


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