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A formula is a general equation involving two or more unknowns. An example is the formula a = ¶r2  which gives the area of the circle in terms of its radius r. In this formula, a is called the subject of the formula.


Simplifying a formula by substitution


  1. Given mx+c=y, express x in terms of m, c, and y. Find the value of x if y=10, c=2 and m is 4


1)  mx+c= y,    mx=y-c

x = ycm

To find the value of X, when  y= 10 , m=4and c=2


X= 1024 = 84 = 2


Evaluation: If I=  PRT

  • Make p the subject and find the value of p if I = 10, R= 4, and T= 5.




When a variable which forms a part of the formula is made subject, we say we have changed the subject of the formula.


  1. In the formula S=2¶r(r+h), make h the subject.
  2. Make m the subject if F = mv  muT



1) S=2¶r(r+h)

S=2¶r 2 +2¶rh

S- 2¶r 2 =2¶rh

S-2¶r2 =h




2) F = mv  muT

Cross multiply:  FT =mv-mu

FT =m(v-u)

FTvu = mm = FTvu




  1. Make r the subject if V =¶r 2h
  2. Make u the subject if 1/f =1/v + 1/u



  1. Exam focus for J.S.C.E Pg. 212 -216
  2. Essential Maths for J.S.S.3 Pg. 47-54



  1. Express a in terms of u, v, and t in v= u+at
      • (a)  a = vu-t
      •  (b) a= v-u
      •  (c) a =  v+ut


  1.   If Z=2p +3, find the value of Z when p=1. (a) Z=2, (b) Z= 5, (c) Z =7
  2. In the relation X = m6y6  , how would you write m in terms of x and y?

(a) m=x-6   (b) m = 6x -6y (c) m =6x +6y

  1. Express n in terms of s, a, and L if S = n2(a+L)

(a) n = 2(a+L)Sa+L (b) n = 2Sa +L  (c) n = 2S  (aL)

  1. Make U the subject if V2 = U2  +2as.

(a) U= V 2 -2as   (b) U = (V 2 -2as)    (c)       V2  – 2a



  1. Given L = arn-1, make a the subject of the formula.
  2. If S + 2td, make t the subject of the formula. Find the value of t if S=1, d= 2.



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