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Similar Triangles

One of the following conditions is sufficient to show that two triangles are similar.

  1. If two angle of one triangle is equal to two angles of the other.
  2. If two pairs of sides are in the same ration and their included angles are the same.
  3. If the ratios of the corresponding sides are equal.



Show that ∆ABC and ∆XYZ as shown below are similar and hence find sides AB and XZ.


In ∆ABC:

< A = 180 – (32 + 38)

= 110

Similarly, in ∆XYZ

<Z = 1800 – (1100 + 320)

= 380
<A = <x = 1100 , < B = <Y = 320 and

<c = <z = 380

Therefore, Triangles ABC and XYZ are similar because they are equiangular




Substituting the given sides:

AB2 = 25XZ = 357Hence: AB2 = 357  and 25XZ = 357AB2 = 357 and 25XZ = 357AB2 = 51 and 25XZ = 51AB = 2×5   and  25 =   XZ × 5 AB = 10 and XZ = 255AB = 10 and XZ = 5



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