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Areas and Volumes of similar shaped

Scale Factor (Length Ratio)

P          9cm              Q

A                  B


2                                         6cm


D    3          C

S                                    R


Scale factor = 93 or 62 = 31

Area factor   = (Scale factor)2

312 = 91  or 9.1


If the ratio of the length is X: Y

Then the ratio of the area is  X2: Y2


Example 1:

In the diagram below, if the area of triangle ABC is 48cm2, find the area of triangle XYZ to 3s.f

A                                         X






650       600                                                    600

                  B        12cm         C            Y      4cm       Z


In ∆ABC,  <A   = 180 – (65 + 60)  = 55

In ∆XYZ, <Y  = 180 – (55-60) = 650

Since then corresponding angles are equal, ∆ABC and ∆XYZ are similar

Scale factor = 412 = 13Area factor = 132 = 19Area of XYZArea of ABC = 19Area of XYZ48 = 19Area of XYZ × 9 = 48Area of XYZ = 489                              = 5.3333 cm2Area of XYZ = 5.3 cm2 to 2 s.f  



The volume of Similar Shapes

Volume factor = (Scale factor)3

If the ratio of the length is X: Y

Then the ratio of the volume is X3: Y3


Example 2: The ratio of a cylinder of volume 2970cm3 is 30mm. find the volume of a similar cylinder of radius 40mm.



Scale factor = 40mm30mm = 43Volume ratio = 433 = 4333V2970 = 4333 Cross multiplyV × 27 = 2970 × 64V = 2970 × 6427 = 7040The volume of the cylinder is 7040 cm3





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In our next class, we will be talking about the Area of Plane Figures. We are very much eager to meet you there.


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