Changing Passive Sentences into Active, et al.

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In changing Passive Voice Sentences to Active, attention must be paid to the subject of the sentence. You must identify the sentence- who or what is doing an action? After identifying the action, you then rewrite the sentence so that the sentence is performing the action.


Now let us try some.

  1. Reading is enjoyed by Margret.

Let us identify the subject… Margaret.

In rewriting the sentence, we would have:

Margaret enjoys reading.


  1. The farms were washed away by rain.

The thing that performs the action here is RAIN and so it is the subject.

The rain washed away the farms.


  1. The house will be swept by Joshua every Saturday.

Joshua is the subject of the sentence.

Joshua will sweep the room every Saturday.


  1. Cheese were eaten by the children.

The children ate cheese.


  1. The beach was filled with sand.

Sand filled the beach.



Today, we will be learning the other four diphthongs.


Remember that diphthongs are two single vowels produced together as one vowel but one after the other.


/I /… fear, near, cheer, deer

/e /… Care, hair, chair, rare, bear


/u /… Poor, pure, cure, tour, sure


/au/… Cow, now, out, count, found.


Now, let us try to sound them in sentences.


I feared the cow might not get cured.


Are you sure the cheer leaders are out?






From How Birds Fly

A bird’s wing is a very complicated arm made up of bones covered with a layer of feathers. The basic structure of birds’ wings is the same. The shape and size varies depending on the way each type of bird lives, feeds and flies. The wings have to be strong enough to support the bird’s flight. The feathers have to be self-smoothing and tough enough to cope with knocks and bumps. They have to be renewable so that if one is lost, it can be replaced.


From the World of Birds

The bodies of birds are specially built to be of minimum weight. “They have a skull that is the lightest of all creatures; their bones are hollow yet strong; they have no teeth or heavy jaws.” However, they have a large, immensely strong heart and very powerful chest muscles that account for half their total body weight.

From A Bird Watcher’s Guide.

How a bird flies, and the shape and size of its wings, can help you to identify it. Some birds fly quite slowly, whereas others have to fly very quickly, like the peregrine falcon. This bird can reach speeds of nearly 300 kilometres per hour as it pursues its prey. (That’s about the speed of the fastest train!)

Long wings are best for gliding. Most gulls have long, narrow wings and can glide for hundreds of kilometres. This albatross glides so well, it can even sleep while flying.

Short wings allow a bird to twist and turn quickly. Woodland and garden birds, like sparrows, starlings and the kingfisher have short wings because they need to rapidly change direction as they fly among the boughs of trees.

This eagle, like many other bids of prey, has broad, large wings for soaring high above the ground. It makes use of thermals (currents of warm air) to lift it high into the sky and then it scans the ground below for its prey.



Write sentences to answer these questions

  1. Why do birds’ wings have to be ‘strong’?
  2. Why do birds’ fathers have to be ‘renewable’?
  3. Why do you think a bird’s body has to be ‘of minimum weight’?
  4. What unusual thing can the albatross do?
  5. If you could be a bird, what type of bird would you be? Explain your reasons.




There are words and phrases to learn from our passage.


Vary… Different in size, amount or degree from something else of the same general class.




Renewable… Able to be renewed.


Built… formed or created


Of minimum weight…


Prey… An animal that is hunted and killed by another for food.


Gliding… To float on air currents.


Albatross… A very large white seabird


Rapidly… Very quickly, at a great rate.


Scan… To peer out at or observe repeatedly






Imagine your dad is getting a chieftaincy title in your village, conferred on him by the king. He will certainly have people he wants to invite. I will show you how to write such letter of invitation.


4, Daniel Avenue,



11th Sept, 1999.

12, Chief Kanu Street,

Joy Estate,



Dear Chief& Mrs. Chukwu,


On behalf of my family, we warmly request your presence at the ceremony of my chieftaincy title conferment.

I was appointed the Otun of the Ijesha Kingdom by my king, His Royal Highness, King Olubuse of Ijesha Land IV. The ceremony will take place at the King’s palace at King Olubuse Close, Bolorunduro in Ilesha, Osun State. It will start by 10am, on the 5th of Nov, 1999.

We would love to spend the day with you. Please RSVP by 30th Sept. Thank you.


Yours sincerely,


                                                                                                                        Mr.& Mrs. Adeola







A composition is a piece of written work which could about any person, thing, idea, etc. a composition may be of different modes: description, narration, exposition or argumentation.

An oral composition is a process by which you say what you want to write out loud before it writing down. This will help you develop confidence in your own writing.


This class will be about an oral composition about yourself. Let me give you a sample and imagine me reading it out to you or presenting it in your class.


A very good afternoon to you Ms. Gabriella (class teacher) and my fellow classmates. My name is Sade Williams. I would like to present on the topic “Myself.”

First of all, I would like to introduce myself. I was born in Lagos, Nigeria. Lagos is the largest city in Nigeria, it is also the most populous city in Nigeria and even in Africa. Lagos is officially known as Lagos Metropolitan Area. Metropolitan here refers to a large, busy city.

I grew up in a large but healthy family. My parents have five children. I am the youngest and so I have four elder siblings, one brother and three sisters.

I am allergic to sea food and I can’t be exposed to rain for too long, if not, I will catch a cold. I enjoy eating food make with beef or chicken. I love smoothies too.

I devote a lot of my free time to dancing, which makes dancing my hobby. I feel so good when I express myself through dancing. I don’t have any worries whenever I dance. I feel like I’m in another world. Because I love dancing, I am fond of music too. I compose songs sometimes.

Everyone has a dream. I do too. I would love to become a professional contemporary dancer and dance on every great stage in the world. I would also to teach people how to dance.

I would love to study Dance in a university in the UK after I graduate from high school. I pray my parents will agree to this decision.

“There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it is going to be a butterfly.” Please don’t allow anyone stop you from dreaming or pursuing your dreams, they don’t know your future.

This is my true self. Thank you everyone for paying attention.



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