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In Mexico Children’s Day is on April 30.


Children and teachers go to school but nobody really works!

Everybody dresses up brightly and the teachers decorate the school with candles and balloons. It is one of the happiest days of the year. Children play games like ‘Pin the tail on the donkey’ and get toys and sweets. It is a lively party with delicious food, puppet shows and fairgrounds.

The best part of the festival for me is that we get to dress up. At the last Children’s Day celebration, I wore the national costume of Mexico.



Think about the festival we read today and write a composition about the Children’s Day in your own country.

Let me show you how to do that.

The first paragraph should be your introduction. You should tell us the name of the festival, where it is celebrated (your country), when in the year it is celebrated and the people involved in celebrating it.

The second paragraph should be the main paragraph. You will tell us how the festival is celebrated. Describe the clothes, food, games or activities.

Paragraph three should be to conclude. Tell us what your favorite part of the festival, describe it and tell us why you like it.





Let us learn some words from our passage.


Lively… Exciting. Full of activity.


Puppet… An artificial figure representing a human being or an animal, manipulated by the hand, rods, wires on a stage.                                                          ggg


Fairgrounds… An outdoor area where a fair takes place.


Costumes… Outfits worn to create the appearance characteristic of a particular period, person, place, thing.


Festival… A special day or period, celebrated usually in memory of an event that involves its social activities: food, costumes, etc.






We will be writing a letter to your schoolteacher. Let us imagine a reason to write him/her a letter. Yes! We will write a letter to request for a change of the class captain.

Let’s go!


14 Jack Street,


20th May, 2017.

Class Teacher,

Class 5,

Fountain School,



Dear Ma,


I am writing this letter to make a request for a change of the Class 5 Captain. My request is based on some complaints about him that almost everyone in class agreed to.

There are a number of things expected of the Class Captain that he has refused to do. Whenever he is required to do those things or reminded of them, he would pick up a fight. An instance was last week Monday when he was supposed to pick up everyone’s notes to be checked by the Science teacher. He refused and everyone got punished for that. He has done worse things than that.

I would be very glad if you could look into this matter. Thank you, Ma.


Yours faithfully,


John Gbadebo.




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