Identification of Situations in which ‘Same As’ could be used in Sentences, et al.

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“Same as” is mostly used to make comparisons between two people or things. To identify situations in which “same as” is used:

  1. As introduces a clause.


Dan started school at the same age as Sam had started five sessions earlier.

  1. As is followed by a noun or a noun phrase.


He is skilled at the same things as the last Chairman of the company.

  1. As is followed by an adverb



You did not give me the same answer as before.

You must have noticed that in each of the sentences, comparison was made between persons and things using “same as.”







Marriage is a recognized union between two people, a man and a woman called spouses, which establishes rights and obligations between them.

Also known as matrimony or wedlock, this union can be recognized through social norms and laws or a ritual, and it also accepts the indisputable rights that any children both born or adopted within the union have.

People around the world have been performing marriage ceremonies for a long time, with each culture adding something special and unique.

A Brief History of Marriage

Ancient societies started practicing marriages because they needed to secure a safe environment in which they could have offspring and pass their property onto someone.

Dating back to the Ancient Rome, the engagement ring is a custom that was believed to represent eternity and everlasting union.

In the 5th century, the Christian Church took an interest in marriage as a religious ceremony, but it was only in the 12th century that the Church defined marriage as sanctioned (officially accepted or allowed) by God.



  1. What is marriage?
  2. What establishes rights and obligations between a man and a woman?
  3. Why did ancient societies start practicing marriages?
  4. When did the Christian Church take interest in marriage?




 Let us add to our vocabulary by learning new words.


Union… Joined together to form one.


Obligation… Duty towards something or someone.


Norms… A standard, model, or pattern.


Indisputable… To emphasize that something is true and cannot be shown to be untrue.


Sanction… To authorize, approve, allow.


Now, make sentences with the words learnt.


The government of every nation is obligated to protect its citizens.





A debate is a formal argument in which there are two sides that take opposing or opposite viewpoints and discuss them in an organized and structured way. It is an organized discussion of opposite views. A debate could be also be written.

A judge, which could be your teacher listens to both sides of the debate and decides which side made the better organized and supported argument.

A debate has three parts. You may call the three parts the outline. You have the introduction where you introduce yourself, the topic, the side that you will be arguing and your claim. Then the body where you give strong and relevant to support your claim. Here, you also state reasons to counter what the other side could claim or is claiming. These reasons will make their claims less effective.

So, in writing or preparing for a debate, you get a topic, take a position, gather evidence and then present your argument and counterargument in a way that is convincing. Make sure your argument is clear, provide facts.

You may use linking words or phrases like: for example, for instance, one reason, another reason, finally to introduce your reasons. To introduce details, use: also, furthermore, likewise, in addition, on top of that, specifically. When you need to summarize, you could use: again, in fact, in conclusion, indeed, let’s remember.


Benefits of Learning to Debate:

  1. It helps you to develop excellent oral and written communication.
  2. It helps you develop effective tools for research, organization and presentation.
  3. It helps you to develop excellent critical thinking skills.
  4. It helps you to discover the confidence and desire to participate in all academic classes.


Examples of Debate topics:

  1. Homework should be banned.
  2. Every home should have a pet.
  3. School uniforms should not be compulsory


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