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A digraph is a sound made when two consonants are put together. Digraphs may be found in the beginning of words or at the end.


Let us consider the “sh” digraph

The “sh” digraph is a combination of the consonants “s” and “h”.


Examples of the “sh” digraph in the beginning of sentences:










Examples at the end:










Let us see them in sentences.

I wish I could sail on a ship.

Rather than feel shame, he blushed.

Go now and wash your shoes!





nnn        aaa

Are you a Nigerian? Ever heard about NAFDAC?  I bet you have. NAFDAC is an abbreviation for the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control. It is a federal agency under the Federal Ministry of Health that is responsible for regulating and controlling the manufacture, importation, exportation, advertisement, distribution, sale and use of drugs, food, cosmetics, medical devices, chemicals and packaged water in Nigeria.

The Vision of the agency is “Safeguarding Public Health” and its mission is to safeguard public health by ensuring that only the right quality drugs, food and other regulated products are manufactured, imported, distributed, advertised, sold and used in Nigeria.

The core values of NAFDAC are to ensure the availability of efficacious and good quality NAFDAC regulated products, maintain reference laboratories of international standard and to promote an effective and efficient well motivated and disciplined workforce.

The Director-General of NAFDAC is Professor Mojisola Christianah Adeyeye.




We are about to learn some words from our passage on NAFDAC. Always remember that these words may have more than one meaning in the dictionary. The meanings we chose here are those that will help explain the passage better.


Administration… The range of activities connected with organizing and supervising the way that an organization or institution functions.


Cosmetics… Substances such as lipstick or powder, which people put on their face to make themselves look more attractive.


Importation… The act of buying products or raw materials from another country for use in your own country.


Exportation… The act of shipping products or raw materials for sale in another country.


Safeguard… To protect someone or something from being lost, harmed or badly treated.


Core… Basic, fundamental, of central importance.


Efficient… To be able to do tasks successfully, without wasting time or energy.


Now, try your hands on making sentences with the words learnt. I will go first with one of the words.


Efficient… I am a reliable and efficient assistant to my boss.

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