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A digraph is a sound made by two consonants when put together. Digraphs are found at the beginning or end of words.



It combines the “p” and “h” to produce the /f/ sound.


Examples at the beginning of words:







Examples in the end of words:






Let us try them in sentences:


I have some examples of digraphs on my phone.

Please I need the photographs of those graphs.





iii                  ccc

The Independent Corrupt Practices Commission is in full the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission is a Nigerian agency that was inaugurated on 29 September, 2000.

The mandate is to receive and investigate reports of corruption and in appropriate cases prosecute the offender(s); to examine, review and enforce the correction of corruption prone systems and procedures of public bodies, with a view to eliminating corruption in public life, and to educate and enlighten the public on and against corruption and related offences with a view to enlisting and fostering public support for the fight against corruption.

The vision of ICPC is to build a Nigeria free from all forms corruption and corrupt practices. Its mission statement is to rid Nigeria of corruption through lawful enforcement and preventive measures.

The chairman of ICPC is Professor Bolaji Owasanoye. The headquarter of the agency is in Abuja.




We will be learning some words from our passage on ICPC


Inaugurate… To start a new system or service.


Investigate… To find out what is the truth about a situation, event or claim; to try to find what happened.


Prosecute… To charge someone with a crime and put them on trial in a law court.


Procedure… A particular course or mode of action. A way of doing something.


Enlist… To persuade someone or people to help or support you in doing something.


Foster… To help to develop an activity or idea.



Now, I will make a sentence with one of the words while you make sentences with the remaining words.

Prosecute… The police man was prosecuted for shooting the protesters.

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