Characteristics of a Federation

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Characteristics of a Federation

The following are some of the characteristics of a federation

  1. Division of powers: In a federation, governmental powers are shared among federal, state and local governments. This is normally entrenched in the constitution of the country. A federation is normally governed by a federal constitution.
  2. The supremacy of the constitution: In the federal system of government, the constitution is the final authority in any matter. Both the federal and state governments derive their powers from the constitution.
  3. Written and Rigid Constitution: A federation normally has a written and rigid constitution which are the features of a federal constitution.
  4. Existence of a Bicameral Legislature: A federation through the provisions of the federal constitution has a bicameral legislature. This means that at the central level, there are two legislative houses/chambers. For instance, in Nigeria, the national assembly consists of the House of Senate and House of Representatives. But the component units (the state) have a unicameral legislature, that is, only one legislative house.
  5. Existence of Supreme Court: There is a Supreme Court which settles disputes between the various levels of government (federal and state government).



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