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Discipline is the ability to behave in a controlled and calm way even in a difficult or stressful situation. it also means the methods of imparting and enforcing socially acceptable patterns of behaviours in individuals whether young or old. It will be so easy for a country to move forward economically and politically when the citizens are disciplined.

Furthermore, peace and harmony prevail in societies where the citizens are disciplined.

Attributes of Discipline

  1. Self-Control: This is a deliberate effort to avoid behaving abnormally which may cause you and other people unnecessary embarrassment. For instance, resisting the tendency to fight in the public or exchanging abusive language with a colleague.
  2. Moderation: This is the state of not acting or doing things excessively. He does things in such a way that he cannot be considered an extremist. He is very simple or normal in whatever he does.
  3. Modesty: Modesty means simplicity in all things. It is action devoid of grandeur, ostentation, extravagance and flamboyance. Lack of modesty is the major cause of corruption in our society.
  4. Respect for Legitimate Authority: An important sign that someone is disciplined is the fact that he respects the constituted authority. He does not despise them or feels they are unqualified to control him or her. He does not act against their instructions or abuse them.
  5. Respect for Rules and Regulations: A disciplined citizen is the one that obeys rules and regulations always. He pays his tax regularly, obeys traffic laws, helps police to fight against crime by providing useful information when necessary.

6.Perseverance: A disciplined man or woman preserves. He patiently bears the pains any government policy may bring.

  1. Dedication: Dedication is the act of being devoted or committed to a cause or task until it is accomplished. Nobody can be dedicated to government work without having self-control. He controls his sleeping habit to ensure he gets to work on time.

Benefits of Discipline in society

  1. It encourage tolerance: Disciplined people always make an effort not to impose their ideas and beliefs on other people. This is done as long as it does not contradict their principles of life.
  2. It produces Good Leaders for society: Disciplined leaders are most likely to be good leaders. They will be able to instil discipline in others thereby encouraging good governance in the society.
  3. It Fosters unity: Disciplined leaders always avid being tribalistic. People work together as a team.
  4. It Fosters Economic, and Political Development: Disciplined politicians and civil servants will always manage government funds judiciously rather than diverting it to their pockets. This will bring about repot development in the country.
  5. It Reduces the Rate of Immorality in Society: Disciplined people will avoid every form of immoral practice especially prostitution.
  6. It Reduces Social Vices in the Society: People go into prostitution, cultism, and other anti-social behaviours because they want to have money to show-off. But when modesty is embraced by everyone the crave for money will reduce drastically.

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We have come to the end of this class. We do hope you enjoyed the class?

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In our next class, we will be talking about Regulations, Consequences of Disobedience and Effects of Indiscipline. We are very much eager to meet you there.


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