Punishable Offences

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Punishable Offences

Among the punishable offences in Nigeria are:

  1. Theft and armed robbery.
  2. Assault.
  3. Traffic violations.
  4. Examination malpractice.
  5. Fraud.
  6. Drug trafficking.
  7. Child trafficking.
  8. Kidnaping.
  9. Smuggling
  10. Forgery and impersonation.
  11. Electoral malpractice.
  12. Murder.
  13. Rape


Punishment for Breaking the Law

The following are some of the punishments for breaking the law:

  1. The Convict could be Jailed: How long a person stays in jail depends on the gravity of the offence. Some serious offences could attract life jail.
  2. Death Sentence: Those who are found guilty of manslaughter could have death sentence which can be in the form of hanging.
  3. Payment of Fines: Sometimes, some convicts may be asked to pay a sum of money as a fine for the offence committed.
  4. Flogging: In Sharia courts, some offences attract flogging as punishment for the offender.
  5. Amputation: Sometimes in Sharia courts, a Convict can get his legs or arms amputated as punishment for the offence committed.
  6. Loss of Rights, Position or Property: In civil cases, an offender may lose his right over properties. When election tribunal finds there are electoral frauds in a particular election the politician may lose his seat or position in the election to the right person.

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In our next class, we will be talking about the Protection of Human Rights and the Rule of Law. We are very much eager to meet you there.


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