Relationship Between Federal, State and Local Government


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Government Class Notes

Relationship Among Federal, State and Local Government

In Nigeria, there are three tiers of government. These are; the federal government, the state government and the local governments.

  1. The Federal Government: The Federal Government is the central authority that represents the entire nation in external affairs and internal affairs of common interest. The constitution gives exclusive power to the federal government in matters relating to currency, foreign affairs, defence, immigration, customs, emigration etc. The federal government has greater constitutional power than the state and local governments.
  1. State Government: The head of the state government is the governor. The state governor oversees the state council of chiefs, state civil service commission, the local government service commission and so on. The state government has its own legislative arm that makes law for the state called House of Assembly. The State Executive Council, headed by the governor makes major important decisions for the smooth running of the state.
  1. Local Government: This is the third tier of government in Nigeria. It is headed by the Local Government Chairman. It also has its own legislative body which makes bye-laws for her. The local government brings government close to the people at the grassroots.

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The relationship can be summarized as follows:

  1. The federal government creates the state and local governments based on constitutional provisions.
  2. The state and local governments help in implementing some of the federal government policies, for instance, educational policy, industrial policy etc
  3. The federal government has power over the adjustment of the boundaries of state and local governments.
  4. The state government looks into the account of the local government authorities.
  5. They all get allocations from the federal account.
  6. The annual budgetary estimates of local government are subject to the approval of the state government.
  7. The state government has the power to dissolve local government executive council.



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