Effects of Lack of Contentment


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In today’s Civic Education class, We will be discussing the Effects of Lack of Contentment on Society. We hope you enjoy the class!


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Lack of contentment will bring so many problems to society. Among some of them are

  1. Conflict and Violence: Lack of contentment often leads to chaos and violence in society. These happen because the greedy will always want to cheat other people which may be resisted thereby leading to violence
  2. Slow Economic Progress: Lack of contentment makes people steal funds meant for development projects. Such projects would have boosted economic development and growth. This will slow down economic progress.
  3. Dents on National image: Lack of contentment makes people commit atrocities which dent the nation’s image abroad.
  4. Corruption: Lack of contentment by people in the society often leads to corrupt practices such as bribery, forgery, embezzlement of funds etc.
  5. Envy: Lack of Contentment breeds envy. This leads to antisocial behaviours such as assassination, armed robbery, kidnapping, etc.
  6. Theft: Men and women who are not content with what they have would always want to find all means including stealing to get more possessions.

A child that is not content with what his parents give him to school may steal his friend’s money in school to live and look like them.

Civil servants that are not content with their pay would not hesitate to steal and sell government properties to make more money and live better than their colleagues that are earning more than them.

  1. Greed: Lack of contentment makes people to just love accumulating wealth even when they have got more than enough for themselves and their next four generations. They make money not minding what happens to other people.
  2. Cheating: Some businessmen engage in all kinds of cheating to make an abnormal profit. Some traders use padded tins in measuring gari, rice, and other food items for unsuspecting customers thereby cheating them.
  3. Prostitution: Women who lack contentment can easily be lured into prostitution because they want to make more money to buy jewellery, clothes, shoes, and bags etc.

When a woman is never happy living within her resources there is every tendency for her to be involved in prostitution directly or indirectly.

Secondary school girls who are never satisfied with pocket money from their parents may not mind going out with sugar Daddies who would mess them up in exchange for clothes, shoes or money.

10. Robbery: One of the greatest effects of lack of contentment in our society is armed-robbery. Some of our young secondary and university students are never happy with living a simple life while in school. They do not want to go through hardship and suffering while climbing the ladder of success.  They want to ride the latest car or jeep before they are 20 or 25 years old even when they do not have the means. This often leads them to armed robbery and internet scams.


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We have come to the end of this class. We do hope you enjoyed the class?

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In our next class, we will be talking about Discipline. We are very much eager to meet you there.


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