Procedure for Voting and importance of Election


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Procedure for Voting

Before the date of the election, each qualified voter is expected to have registered. At the registration centre, he will be given a voter’s card which qualifies him for voting on the day of the election.

On election day, the electorate goes to the centre where he has registered. He will be accredited for voting having presented his voter’s card.

After accreditation, he is given the ballot paper where all the political parties and their logos are shown.

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Importance of Election

The importance of election is the following:

  • It provides an opportunity for choosing Leaders: Election gives the people in a country the opportunity to choose leaders into different political offices like the President, Governor and so on.
  • It Makes change of Government easy and peaceful: Election provides an opportunity for the masses to peacefully remove bad government from office and ensures a peaceful change of government to another.
  • It Promotes Democracy: Election is one of the pillars of democracy. Regular free and fair elections help in sustaining democracy.
  • It Checks the Excesses of Leaders: Leaders with oppressive and tyrannical tendencies tend to change knowing fully well that the electorates may not vote them in again if they do not rule effectively.
  • It Provides Opportunity for Political Education: Election provides a forum for political parties to give political education to the masses. It is usually done through campaigns where parties unfold their manifestos to the masses.
  • It Provides Opportunity for citizens to Participate in Government: Election gives the masses the opportunity of participating in government by casting votes for the candidates of their choice.
  • It acts as a basis for measuring the popularity of government in power.



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