Solutions to Electoral Malpractice


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Solutions to Electoral Malpractice

The following steps should be taken by the government to prevent electoral malpractice in Nigeria.

Non-interference in Electoral in Matters: The government in power should not in any way influence the activities of the Electoral Commission before, during and after the election. The government in power should be sincere and impartial in electoral matters before, during and after the election.

Impartiality of Judiciary: The judiciary should play the role of defender of democracy before, during and after elections. Cases of electoral malpractice should be treated with urgency, seriousness, and impartiality. There should be no sacred cow when judgment is to be passed. Anyone involved should be dealt with to act as a deterrent to others in future elections.

Education of the Electorate: The government agency in charge of orientation should do its best to organize programmes that will educate the electorates of their rights and responsibilities before, during and after elections. They should be informed of electoral procedures and what to do in case of any intimidation or harassment from any quarters.

Adequate Security: The government should make enough security agents available at every polling boot to protect the electoral officials, electoral materials and the voters.

Re-orientation of Politicians: Nigeria’s politicians should be given orientation so that their attitude to elections could change. The love for the nation should be paramount in their hearts rather than their selfish desire for the position they could use to loot the treasury. If they have a good attitude, elections will not be a do-or-die affair and electoral malpractice would be reduced.

Proper Planning: Electoral Commission that coordinates election should do proper planning of the election so that there will not be loopholes for politicians or their agents to hijack the election. Enough money should be made available for the provision of electoral materials like ballot boxes, ballot papers and so on.

Introduction of Civic Education in Primary and Secondary Schools: The reintroduction of Civic education and primary in post-primary institutions is a very good idea. It is the right policy for solving electoral problems in Nigeria. It will build in our youths positive attitude towards elections as future party leaders, candidates or electorates.



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