Regulations Consequences of Disobedience Effects of Indiscipline


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In today’s Civic Education class, We will be discussing the Consequences of Indiscipline to Individual. We will also be looking at Respect for Rules and Regulations. We hope you enjoy the class!


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Consequences of indiscipline to individual

  1. Dependence on others for livelihood: indiscipline will hinder a man from properly managing his time for productive activities. The result is that he would not have enough income to meet his need. Therefore, he would need to depend on others to meet his basic needs.
  2. Loss of Job due to Frequent Lateness to work: Indiscipline leads to time mismanagement which often leads to lateness to work. This may eventually lead to loss of one’s job.
  3. Failure, Backwardness and Poverty: Indiscipline may lead to poverty due to loss of a job, business failure because of time mismanagement and lack of self-control.
  4. Bad Reputation among Friends and Relations: Indiscipline leads to laziness, carefree life, overeating, etc. It destroys the personality of an individual.

indiscipline civic education classnotesng

Consequences of Indiscipline to the society
  1. Frequent Traffic jams on our Roads: Indiscipline is the major root cause of frequent traffic jams on our roads. Many motorists disobey traffic laws, ignore traffic lights and despise traffic wardens.
  2. Fatal Road Accidents: Road accidents claiming precious lives are often caused by Indiscipline of drivers who drink and drive, make calls on wheels etc.
  3. Dirty Environment: Indiscipline leads to indiscriminate dumping of wastes thereby breeding diseases. This may also lead to blockage of drainage causing floods if it rains.
  4. Rowdiness and Disorderliness: Indiscipline creates rowdiness and lawlessness in public places. People fight and struggle to enter buses when they should queue up.
  5. Bad image for the Nation: Display of Indiscipline in public places often dents the nation’s image abroad.


Respect for Rules and Regulations


Rules and regulations are laws that are made to ensure there is orderliness in society.

Rules and regulations are necessary for the following reasons:

  1. To promote orderliness in society.
  2. To prevent chaos in society.
  3. To ensure there is constant peace in the community.
  4. To ensure the smooth movement of people and goods in the economy.
  5. To know when to punish those who live against the law.
  6. To promote discipline among all citizens.
  7. To promote the integrity of our nation in the international community.



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In our next class, we will be talking about Courageous People in Society. We are very much eager to meet you there.


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