Division of Labour in Agricultural Industries

Division of labour in the agricultural industry

Division of labour is when people share responsibilities among themselves so that each individual or group has specific task. This way everyone can produce more than if they tried to do everything themselves.

Agricultural industry

Agricultural Industry is a group of human activities involved in farming, rearing of animals, fishing, planting of crops, among others. It is the production of food and cash crops through farming and the raising of animals such as poultry, cattle, and fish. Agriculture is an important sector and can earn communities, states and even countries a lot of money.

Various jobs in the agricultural industry

There are various kinds of jobs in the agricultural industry. They are:

  1. Farming/crop production
  2. Food processors
  3. Fishery
  4. Forestry
  5. Animal husbandry
  6. Veterinary medicine
  7. Plant/animal geneticists

On a farm, one can find some farmers responsible for growing crops and some responsible for raising the animals and breeding fish. Among the farmers who work with crops, some may be responsible for weeding, some for irrigation (watering the plants) and some for ploughing the earth. This is the division of labour in agriculture.



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