Marriage Problems and Solution

Marriage problems and solutions

When people live together, there is bound to be problem. This is because they think differently, likes and dislikes are not the same and the way and manner they were brought up also differs.

Reasons for marriage problems

  1. Lack of Proper communication
  2. Interference from third parties such as families, friends, etc
  3. Financial problem/Lack of money
  4. Infertility
  5. Infidelity
  6. Bad Habits
  7. Lack of trust
  8. Over stepping boundaries
  9. Declining occurrence of sexual intimacy

Solutions to marriage problems

  1. Frequent communication
  2. Love must be expressed.
  3. Caring for each other emotionally and physically
  4. Being honest with each other
  5. Managing anger. Being able to separate what you are angry about from the person.
  6. Sharing ideas, successes, failures, and responsibilities.
  7. Living together peacefully.
  8. Showing tolerance for each other.
  9. Patient with one another.




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