Why Division of Labour is Important in Agricultural Industries 

Division of labour in the agricultural industry II

The division of labour is necessary in the agricultural Industry because the more areas of land cultivated and maintain, the larger the harvest. The larger the harvest, the more food we have for our consumption and for trade. Division of labour help workers to do well in all areas of work. It helps to produce more.

Farmers doing different kinds of work can cooperate. For example, those who raise livestock can give their animals waste to others to fertile the soil. This helps plants grow. Farmers who grow corn can give the husk to others.

Other work on farm which can be divided include

  1. Ridge making
  2. Harvesting
  3. Planting
  4. Transportation
  5. Storage
  6. Machine operation
  7. Processing and packaging


Problems/challenges in the agricultural industry

There are a lot of problems/challenges in the agricultural industry. They include the following:

  1. Neglect by the government
  2. Insufficient labour/lack of skilled labour
  3. Lack of capital or funding/Insufficient fund
  4. Disease and pests
  5. Low pricing of commodities
  6. Lack of storage facilities

Solutions to the problems

  1. More government support by providing capital/funds, incentives, and regulations.
  2. Better infrastructure such as electricity to power machines, water, and more efficient transportation system for the distribution of the products.
  3. Better access for farmers to bank loans with low interest rates.
  4. Fertilizers should be provided to farmers to boost production
  5. Modern farm implements should be provided to make the work faster and more effective.




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