Respect for Other Beliefs and Tradition

Respect for other beliefs and tradition

We must try to listen and respect other people’s views for the following reasons.

  1. In order to live peacefully/peaceful co-existence.
  2. For the peace and progress of the society or community.
  3. To promote interaction among us.
  4. To share ideas and learn from one another.
  5. To be able to take decision together.

Why people have different beliefs and traditions

Nigeria is made up of different cultural groups. Each has its own beliefs and tradition. Some of the reasons for these differences are as follows’

  1. Differences in our culture.
  2. Differences in religion.
  3. Differences in environment.
  4. Historical background

Why we must respect other people’s religious beliefs and tradition

People holds different beliefs and tradition which must be accepted and respected due to the following reasons.

  1. The constitution of Nigeria allows every person to practice the religion of his/her choice.
  2. To promote national unity, growth, and development.
  3. To avoid religious crisis.
  4. To live peacefully together.




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