Rights of a Citizen

Rights of a citizen

The rights of a citizen could be defined as those privileges guaranteed by law to be enjoyed by a citizen of a country. These rights are referred to as fundamental human rights.

The following are some of the basic rights of the Nigerian citizen.

  1. Right to life.
  2. Right to freedom from inhumane and degrading punishment.
  3. Right to personal liberty.
  4. Right to fair hearing.
  5. Right to freedom of association.
  6. Right to freedom of expression.
  7. Right to freedom of thought, conscience, and religion.
  8. Right to freedom of movement and habitation.

Duties and obligations of a citizen

  1. Obeying the law.
  2. Voting during elections (from 18 years and above)
  3. Showing respect for national symbols of the country.
  4. Showing loyalty to the country.
  5. Paying taxes, rates, and dues.
  6. Helping in community development.
  7. Non-interference with other peoples’ right.
  8. Showing commitment to the defence of the country.

Limitations to fundamental human rights

Our rights are sometimes denied or taken away from us either by the government or through our own actions. This is known as limitation to rights. A limitation to our rights means the point where the rights of an individual may be taken, denied, or suspended for some reasons.

  1. When there is war, certain parts of our fundamental rights may be suspended.
  2. When someone has become a convicted criminal, their rights are usually denied as a form of punishment.
  3. The right to worship does not permit one to force his religion on another person.
  4. The right to own property forbids a person to take another person’s property by force (stealing) or without the person’s consent.


The importance of performing our duties

  1. It will bring peace, harmony and understanding among the people living in a community.
  2. The performance of our duties will promote and ensure the welfare of people in the community.
  3. It ensures that there is progress, order, and the rule of the law in the community.
  4. It creates good living conditions which will ensure social, economic, cultural, and political development from which all people can benefit.






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