The Concept of Local Government

Local government

Local government is a government at the grassroots. It is also the third tier/level of government.  It is the closest government to the people. It is also referred to a Grassroot Government. Local government is the smallest form of the three types of government. The federal government oversees the entire country, and the state government oversees an entire state. Meanwhile, the local governments oversee the smaller areas that make up a state, like cities and towns. In Nigeria, there are 774 Local Government Areas.

Functions of local government   

  1. Provision of primary education for children.
  2. Provision of primary health centres.
  3. Grade and tar roads within the LGA.
  4. Provision of social amenities such as water, markets, among others.
  5. Collection of taxes, levies, and rates.
  6. Provision of recreational facilities within the community.
  7. Ensures the community is clean by providing street sweepers and waste disposal.
  8. Payment of primary school teachers’ salaries and allowances.







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