Expressing Gratitude and Farewell


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In today’s class, we’re diving into the heartwarming world of “Expressing Gratitude and Farewell.” Get ready to learn how to say “thank you” and “goodbye” in the most wonderful ways.

Expressing Gratitude and Farewell

First, let’s understand the key terms we’ll be exploring:

Expressing Gratitude: We’ll learn how to show appreciation and say “thank you” using role play.

Expressing Farewell: We’ll explore different ways to say “goodbye” in various situations.

Gratitude Role Play: Saying Thank You

Gratitude Role Play: Saying Thank You

Imagine you’re actors on a stage, showing appreciation through role play! We’re going to learn how to say “thank you” in different scenarios.

Imagine I gave you a colorful drawing. I want you to show me how you’d say “thank you” with a big smile!

Saying Goodbye in Various Ways

Saying Goodbye in Various Ways

Just like there are many colors, there are many ways to say “goodbye.” Let’s explore some fun and friendly ways to bid farewell!

Farewell Adventure

Imagine we’re friends at a park. How would you say “goodbye” in this setting? I want you to show me.

Expressing Farewell

Expressing Farewell

Now, let’s learn how to say “goodbye” in different situations.

Can you show me how you’d say “goodbye” to a friend you’ll see tomorrow? I want you to demonstrate that to me.

How about saying “goodbye” when you’re leaving a family gathering? Can you demonstrate this as well? Excellent!


Today, we learned how to express appreciation through role play and explored various ways to say “goodbye.”

Remember, showing gratitude and saying farewell are like spreading warmth and kindness through words.

We have come to the end of today’s class

I hope you enjoyed the class.

In our next class, we’ll continue exploring how to ask and Answer Questions

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