Phonemic Awareness

Welcome to class!

In today’s class, we will be discussing Phonological and Phonemic awareness. I am trusting that you are going to enjoy the class.

Phonological and Phonemic Awareness I

Let’s start by defining Phonological Awareness

Phonological and Phonemic Awareness I

What is Phonological Awareness? It’s like being a sound detective! To understand this better, I want you to listen carefully to different sounds and learn to tell them apart.

Listening to Animal Sounds: We all love animals, right? Good. We will listen to the sounds that animals like cats, horses, dogs, roosters, cows, and goats make.

Can you imagine how each animal sounds?

Now Let’s Play a Game: I’ll make an animal sound, and you’ll guess which animal it is. Ready? 

Here’s a sound: “Meow!” Who makes this sound? That’s right. It’s a cat!

Cat Phonological and Phonemic Awareness I

Here’s another sound: “Woof!” Who makes this sound? That’s correct. It’s a dog!

Dog Phonological and Phonemic Awareness I

Listen to this sound, too: “Moo!” Which animal produces this sound? Yes, it’s a cow! Excellent.

Now, you are becoming sound detectives! You know how we recognize our friends’ voices, right?

In the same way, we are going to learn how to tell different sounds apart. It’s like music to our ears!

Phonological and Phonemic Awareness I

Now that you can distinguish sounds, can we also explore letter sounds?

I want you to think of letters as colorful bricks that come together to build our houses. That’s exactly what letters are to words.

Saying Letter Sounds: Let’s say the sounds of some letters together. Listen carefully and repeat after me:

 /a/ (like the sound you say when you open your mouth wide), 

/b/ (like blowing a gentle bubble), and /d/ (like tapping your finger gently).

Sounding Out Words: We’ll practice using our special letter sounds to say words. For example, let’s say “cat.” Can you hear the sounds of /c/, /a/, and /t/ in “cat”?

Phonological cat

Let’s Make Words: I’ll say the sounds, and you try to guess the word. 

Ready? /b/ – /a/ – /d/. What word did you make? That’s right, it’s “bad”!


We have come to the end of today’s class on Letter Sounds. In case you have forgotten, let me remind you of what we have learned in this class.

In today’s class, we learned about different sounds animals make and how letters have their own sounds too! We practiced listening carefully and saying sounds to make words.

We have come to the end of today’s class.

I hope you enjoyed the class.

In our next class, we will be talking in detail about Phonemic Awareness II – Listening for the same sounds, rhyming words, blending words, and a whole lot more.

Should you have any further questions, feel free to ask in the comment section below, and trust us to respond as soon as possible.

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