Vocabulary Acquisition


Welcome to Class!

Hello, curious minds! It’s me again, your amazing tutor 🌟 Today, we’re studying Vocabulary Acquisition! And I want you to get ready because we are going to be exploring new words, their meanings, and how to use them in exciting ways.

Vocabulary Acquisition

Let’s begin!

As an explorer in the Land of Words. 🗺️🔍 Our mission today is to find new words and learn their secrets!

Colors, Shapes, Foods, Animals, Toys

Colors, Shapes, Foods, Animals, Toys

Imagine a magical garden filled with colorful words. Words like “red,” “circle,” “apple,” “lion,” and “ball.” Let’s pick these words like flowers! 🌸🦁

What is your favorite color, shape, food, animal, or toy? I want you to tell me using words!

Let’s play charades with words! I want you to show me how you would act out the word “jumping” or “eating.”

How about “dancing” and “singing”?

Can you think of another one?

Abbreviation Adventure

Abbreviation Adventure

Abbreviations are like magic words that are shorter but still mean a lot. “Mr.” for “Mister” and “Dr.” for “Doctor.” Can you think of any other magic words like these?

Changing Words with Endings

Words can change their outfits with endings like -s, -ed, -es, and -ing. “Run” becomes “runs,” “jump” becomes “jumped.” Can you change “play” to show it’s happening now?

Symbol Secrets

Symbol Secrets

Symbols are like secret codes that help us understand things quickly. For example, “+” means “add. ” -” means minus, and “x” means multiplication. Can you think of a symbol you’ve seen before?

We have come to the end of today`s class. I hope you enjoyed the class.

Don`t forget that today, we have learnt that words have different categories, and we can make them shorter with abbreviations and change their clothes with endings. And Symbols help us understand things faster.

Class Work:

Write three words from the garden that we talked about earlier and use them in a sentence.


Look around your home and find something with an abbreviation or a symbol. Tell us what it is!

In the next class, we shall be discussing more Vocabulary Acquisition

If you have any questions or words you want to share, kindly feel free to type them in the comments section below! We’re excited to read them.

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