Simple Greetings and Commands


Welcome to Class!

Hello, young communicators! 🌟 In today’s class, we’re stepping into the world of “Simple Greetings and Commands.” I want you to get ready to become masters of saying hello and giving friendly commands.

Simple Greetings and Commands

First, let’s understand the key terms we’ll be exploring

Greetings: We’ll learn how to greet people in different settings, from home to school and beyond.

Commands: We’ll discover how to give simple instructions in a friendly way.

Greetings at Home and Appropriate Times

Greetings at Home and Appropriate Times

Imagine you’re a friendly greeter, spreading warmth with your words! Let’s learn greetings at home and when they’re most suitable.

Home Greetings

Pupil: “Good morning dad, how do you do?”

Dad: “Good morning Ade, how do you do?”

Greetings at School

Pupil: “Good morning Madam/Sir/Mr. Obi.”

Teacher: “Good morning Olu, how are you?”

Pupil: “I am very well thank you sir.”

Greetings in the Community

Greeting the doctor: “Good afternoon Doctor.”

Greeting a neighbor: “Good afternoon Sir/Madam.”

Friendly Commands at Home

Friendly Commands at Home

Now, let’s become friendly commanders! We’ll practice giving simple instructions at home.

Command Practice

Pupil: “Wake up!”

Imagine it’s bedtime. Say: “Go to bed.”

Let’s practice saying: “Greet your daddy.”

Putting Greetings and Commands Together

Just like putting puzzle pieces together, let’s combine greetings and commands!

Scene: Morning at Home

Pupil: “Good morning, dad. Wake up!”

Dad: “Good morning, Ade. I’m getting up now.”

Scene: Bedtime at Home

Pupil: “Good night, mom. Go to bed.”

Mom: “Good night, dear. I’ll go to bed soon.”


We have come to the end of our class on Simple Greetings and Commands. Today, we learned how to greet people in different places, such as home, school, and the community. We also practiced giving friendly instructions, or commands, at home.

Remember, words have the power to bring people closer and make things happen. Greetings and commands help us communicate and show kindness.

We have come to the end of today’s class.

I hope you enjoyed this class

In our next class, we’ll explore more ways to express ourselves with words.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section below. We’re here to guide you!

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