Phonics | Name and Sounds of Letters

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In today’s class, we will discuss Phonics I. And I am trusting that you are going to enjoy the class!

Phonics|Name and Sounds of Letters

The Alphabet

The alphabet

The alphabet is like a unique team of letters that help us make words. It’s like the ABC song, you know! There are two types of letters: 

uppercase letters (big letters) and lowercase letters (small letters), right? Good.

Sounds of Letters

Sounds of letters

Each letter has its unique sound, just like you and your friends have different voices. Let’s learn the sounds of two letters today:

/a/ like in apple: When you say /a/, it sounds like the first sound you hear in the word “apple.” Try saying /a/ with me: 

/a/ (make the /a/ sound like in “apple”).

/b/ like in ball: Oops, we’ll learn more about /b/  in the next class! Today, let’s stick to /a/.

Names of Letters

Names of Letters

Do you know letters don’t just make sounds but have names too? Interesting, right?

Let’s learn the names of the first two letters:

Uppercase A: This is the big letter A. Its name is “aye.” Can you say “aye”?

Lowercase a: This is the small letter a. Its name is “a.” Can you say “a”?. That’s right.

Remember, uppercase and lowercase letters are like a team. They work together to make words.

Alphabetical Order

Alphabetical order is like a game where letters line up in order, just like you do in a line at school. Let’s practice with a few letters:

A, B, C, D, E… (Keep going with the rest of the letters you know.)

Great job! You’re becoming alphabet experts already. Keep practicing, and soon you’ll know all the letters by their sounds and names.

Let’s Practice Together

Can you think of some words that start with the sound /a/? How about “apple,” “ant,” and “alligator”? You can even draw pictures of these things if you’d like!


I want you to write the letter A-J, both in uppercase and lowercase.

Remember, learning the alphabet is like learning a superpower for reading and writing. Keep up the fantastic work, and soon you’ll be reading many exciting stories!

We have come to the end of today’s class. Hope you enjoyed the class.

In our next class, we will be talking more about Phonics

Should you have any further questions, feel free to ask in the comment section below, and trust me to respond as soon as possible.

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