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In today’s class, we will discuss Comprehension. I am sure that you are going to enjoy this class!


Now, Let’s dive in:

Listening Comprehension

Listening Comprehension

Listening comprehension means understanding what we hear. It’s like when we listen to a story or a teacher speaking. To do this well, we need to focus and pay attention.

Example: Imagine your teacher tells a story about a little rabbit who goes on an adventure. As you listen, think about where the rabbit goes and what it does.

Answering Questions from Stories

Answering Questions from Stories

Sometimes, after we listen to a story, we get asked questions about it. These questions help us remember important parts of the story and see if we understood it.

Example: If the teacher asks, “Where did the rabbit go on its adventure?” You can answer, “The rabbit went to the forest.

Making Connections and Responding

Making Connections and Responding

When we read or listen to stories, we can connect with them. We might feel happy, sad, or excited. We can also talk about the things we liked in the story, such as the characters, what they did, and where they went.

Example: If you read a story about a monkey who loves bananas, you might say, “I like bananas too! The monkey and I both enjoy eating them.”

Remember, to get better at this, you must:

  • Pay attention when listening to stories.
  • Think about the story’s main parts.
  • Answer questions to show you understand.
  • Talk about how the story makes you feel.
  • Listen to a short story and tell a friend what happened.
  • Answer questions about the story you heard.
  • Draw a picture of your favorite part of the story and explain why you like it.

Great job, everyone! Today we Understand that stories helps us learn and have fun. I want you to keep reading and listening to stories, and soon you’ll be amazing at comprehension!

We have come to the end of the class for today.

We hope you enjoyed the class.

In our next class, we will be talking more about Comprehension.

Should you have any further questions, feel free to ask in the comment section below, and trust us to respond as soon as possible.


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