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On this page, get all English Language JSS1 topics from First Term to Third Term. Find them below, study them and excel in your examinations.

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12 thoughts on “ENGLISH LANGUAGE JSS1”

  1. This is impressive. I do podcasts on education. It would be nice to have you talk about it to create more awareness. You can reach me on 08024555060.


    Many thanks for this opportunity for students to keep up with learning.

    However, there are some topics from English Language that are not accessible, where you are asked to enroll before you can access. How do we enroll?

  3. The English third term topics are unable to access, they are telling me to enroll to access this course. That reminds me of when I enrolled in CRS it was rubbish. It was showing me blank like they have not written any note for the topic. They should not post a topic with no note inside.

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