Speech Work: /ᴣ/, Grammar: Activities on Tenses (Present and Past)


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Long sound /:/ as in the bird, heard turn, etc.

This is a long vowel sound.  It occurs when the consonant /r/ follows the vowel /i/ or /e/ and the /r/ is followed by another consonant.

Common spelling symbols of /:/

  • er – verb, serve, term
  • ir – girl, bird, stir
  • our – journey, scourge, adjourn
  • ear – heard, learn, early
  • or – work, worm, worst
  • ur – burn, turn, nurse

EVALUATION: Sentences for practising sound /ᴣ:/

The bird stirred, deserted their perches, circled down on earth beneath the fir tree and waited for the first worm to stir up through the earth.




Fill in the blank spaces with the correct form of the verbs in the bracket

  1. Amadi has never ____ late to service (come)
  2. His mother, together with his sisters ____ in the bakery (work)
  3. Clement and his friends _____ games (like)
  4. He _____ a lot of reading every day (do)
  5. Neither sports nor academic studies_____ easy (be)
  6. My friend and confidant ______ in Lagos (live)
  7. The board of governors ____ met. (met)
  8. Give ten sentences each on the kinds of verbs:
  9. Present tense
  10. Present continuous tense
  11. Present perfect continuous tense
  12. Past tense
  13. Past continuous tense
  14. Past perfect continuous tense




Drama is a genre of literature which creates or recreates human experiences through acting; it is the representation of human action


  • Dialogue: It refers to the exchange of ideas and opinion in a play between two or more characters.
  • Characterization:  It is the process of creating characters and adorning them with certain attributes or vices.
  • Conflict: This term refers to the bone of contention, the point of difference and so the basis of action, between characters in a play.
  • Plot: This is the sequential arrangement of events in creative work.
  • Cast:  It is a list of selected participants for performance with specific roles to play.

EVALUATION:  Identify the features of drama in your recommended text





Life is a sum of memories, events, moments and experiences. Some memories in life are sweet and some are bitter. Everyone has some memorable day in life. I have also a memorable day in my life. It is a part of my life. Sometimes I go back to my memorable days. It makes me remember the sweet memory in my life. I feel the day very much. I miss the day.


The memorable day is different from person to person. My memorable day is the day when I went to school for the first time. In a word, my first day at school is the memorable day of my life. There are a lot of sweet memories of the day. I cannot remember the fixed date of my first going to school. But I can clearly remember the memories of the day. When I first went to school, I was six years old.

My mother proposed to me that I needed to admit to school one day. She said to me that I would go to school to admit the next day. I was excited to hear the amazing news. The news of my going to school was thrilling to me because for many days I was thinking about my new school, teachers and classmates. I excited because my dream is going to true. Truly speaking, I could not sleep well even a single moment at night because the next morning will be my first day of school life. My mother woke me early in the morning. She washed me very well, combed my hair and dressed in new clothes. Then I had breakfast and started for school with her. The school was not very far from our home. Therefore, we walk there on foot. It took us half-hour to reach the school. When I stepped inside the school compound I was amazed to see the many children. They run here and there, playing; talking to each other, gesturing etc. Some boys and girls were the same age. I felt happy finding some same-age children.

I went to school with my mother. It was really a thrilling experience for me. I was very excited to discover the new something. I was eagerly waiting for the day when I was gone to admit the school. At last, the expected days came to the door. It added a new dimension in my life. However, at first, I was taken to the Headmasters room. The headmaster was a very friendly and gentleman. I liked him very much. His smiling face amused me very much. He asked me some question and I answered the entire questions correctly. He was pleased with me. Then he called a teacher to take to me in class. I entered the class first. For the first time, I saw my classroom, classmates and teachers. I became familiar with my classmates and teachers. They receive me cordially.

In the end, going to my first day at school is the most memorable days in my life. It is a sum of sweets memory. It will be ever fresh in my mind. It is a part of my life. I never forget the day.

 EVALUATION: Study the passage thoroughly and use your dictionary for unfamiliar words


  1. Write on the following features of drama: theme, costumes, audience, stage and playwright
  2. Summarize the cooking process of Moi Moi.
  3. Change the following to past tense: fly, pick, cost, fling and cling.


  1. Write a composition on the title “ The Most Memorable Day of My Life
  2. Fill in the blank spaces with the correct form of the verb
  • Nneka has ____ with Emeka to Aba (go)
  • The child had ___ the entire bottle before I came in (drink)
  • After I told Kola of the accident, he __ to cry (begin)
  • When prices ____ customers feel happy. (fall)
  • The wind has _____ away my shirt (blow).

Effective English. Page 67. Exercise


In our next class, we will be talking about Comprehension: Unit 12 Moimoi,  Composition: Formal Letter Literature: Drama, Feature.  We hope you enjoyed the class.

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