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In today’s class, we will be talking about composition: formal letter, etc. Enjoy the class!

Making Sentences with the Various Forms of Tenses


Sentence 1:

  1. It rains.  Present tense
  2. It is raining Present continuous tense
  3. It has been raining since yesterday. Present perfect continuous tense
  4. It rained.   Past tense
  5. It has been raining since yesterday. Past continuous tense
  6. It had been raining for a while now. Past perfect continuous tense

Sentence 2:

  1. My class teacher is writing. Present tense
  2. My class teacher is writing. Present continuous tense
  3. My class teacher has been writing. Present perfect continuous tense
  4. My class teacher wrote (a note). Past continuous tense
  5. My class teacher had been writing. Past perfect continuous tense

Evaluation:  Write five sentences in the following tenses:

  1. Present tense
  2. Present continuous tense
  3. Present perfect continuous tense
  4. Past tense
  5. Past continuous tense
  6. Past perfect continuous tense




Child Labour and Development

  1. Insurgence:
  2. Neglect:
  3. Incidence:
  4. Catalyst:
  5. Work
  6. Labour
  7. Impediment
  8. Vulnerable
  9. Research
  10. development

Evaluation: Discover seven more words related to child labour and development.


COMPOSITION (Argumentative)



Travelling by air seems unsaved to a fairly large number of people due to what they see, hear or read. News on plane crashes make a big noise in the world, such news naturally stays longer in the mind of many fliers or people. It is a mind-blogging to many people. This may explain why the flying fear remains in the heart of some people. Therefore, you may think that travelling by air is riskier than travelling on the road, but truly speaking; travelling by air is safer than travelling on the road.

However, it is interesting to note that, travelling by air is safer than travelling on the road. Why? It is because safety is the major concern of every airline industry and there’s no any other mode of transportation that does it better than airline industries. There is no other mode of transportation that can be fully monitored, investigated and scrutinized as we have in aviation industries. Truly speaking plane crashes are so rare when you compare it to road transport accidents.

According to the World Health Organization, road traffic injuries caused an estimated 1.24 million deaths worldwide in the year 2010. With this estimation, it seems one person is killed in every 25 seconds. It is very rare or difficult to have this kind of estimation in air transport within a year. Why? It is because safety in aviation industries is not negotiable. It is a core value of any aviation industry in the world.

EVALUATION:   From the article above, write a debate to support or oppose the motion, ‘Road Transportation is Safer than Air Transportation’.


LITERATURE: Use of recommended text on NECO Drama


  1. Make ten sentences using the various kinds of tenses you have learnt.
  2. From the comprehension passage read, discover five words related to ‘currency’.


  1. Effective English. Page 154. Practice 2 and 3.
  2. Write on the debate topic: The Use of Mobile Phones should be Allowed in High Schools.


In our next class, we will be talking about Speech Work: contrast/D/, /ᴐ/,/ᴂ/,/a:/; Grammar: Making Sentences with Tenses.  We hope you enjoyed the class.

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