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Merits of having foreigners in Nigeria

Foreigners are in Nigeria for the following reasons:

  • To promote development of the country through working in our industries e.g. oil and gas industries, where they have special knowledge on how to operate the industries.
  • They may be in our educational institutions like colleges and universities as teachers and lecturers.
  • Some of them are diplomats representing their countries. They are here to study our system of government and share with us the knowledge of how their own systems run. We can invite them to our schools to tell us about their assignments in our country.
  • Some of the foreigners are here as priests and pastors as we said earlier.


Demerits of having foreigners in Nigeria

The main problem of foreigners in our country is in the area of introducing foreign culture to us. Many foreigners bring a lot of new styles of dresses to us. They introduce their music to us and we dance to them the way they do in their countries.



  1. Give three reasons why foreigners are in Nigeria.
  2. Explain two merits of having foreigners in Nigeria.
  3. Explain two demerits of having foreigners in Nigeria.


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