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There are many things we make or produce in Nigeria which must be valued. It is right for us to value those things we make in Nigeria. We must admire and use them because they are made by us. When we value Nigerian made goods, we are proud of ourselves for what we have made. 

In producing Nigerian made goods, we give employment to our youth. 


Why Nigerian Goods Should be Valued

We must prefer Nigerian goods for the following reasons:

  • They give us pride that we make them.
  • We know how to keep them since we make them.
  • Our locally made clothes can last longer and can be used for many occasions.
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  • They make us look beautiful and handsome.
  • The home goods are made from pure raw materials and so they last for a very long time.
  • Home-grown food items are not over processed, so they are good for the body. Examples are locally grown rice, fruits and vegetables.



  1. List five examples of made-in-Nigeria goods and state their uses.
  2. Give two reasons why we should value made-in-Nigeria goods.
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