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Meaning of Nationalisation

Nationalisation is the action or steps taken to be a member or citizen of a nation.

Reasons Foreigners Are in Our Midst

We may leave our country and go and live in another country for the following reasons:

  • Economic reasons
  • Vacation
  • Evangelisation
  • Intelligence purpose

Process of Becoming a Nigerian Citizen

To become a citizen by naturalization, a non-Nigerian makes an official application to the president of the President of Nigeria for certificate of naturalization. Any person who wishes to become a citizen of Nigeria by naturalization must:

  • be above 18 years and of good character;
  • have spent at least 15 years in Nigeria before such application is made.
  • show a clear intention to continue to reside in Nigeria until death.
  • take an oath of allegiance as prescribed in the constitution of Nigeria.
  • declare that he/she now wishes to be identified only as a Nigerian.

Qualifications For Citizenship

These are qualifications or conditions an individual has to satisfy before he could become a citizen of another country.

However, these conditions are not the same in countries. Here are some of the qualifications.

  • Statutory age
  • Good character
  • Residence (duration and acceptability
  • Making contributions towards the progress of the country
  • The willingness to live and stay


  1. Define the term Nationalisation.
  2. State three reasons we have foreigners in our midst
  3. Explain two process of becoming a citizen of a country.



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