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Examples of Civil Society Groups in Nigeria

Civil society groups in Nigeria include the following:

  • Civil Liberties Organisation (CLO)
  • Human Rights Watch (HRW)
  • Campaign for Democracy (CD)
  • National Democratic Coalition (NADECO)

Functions of Civil Society Groups in Nigeria

  • They protect human rights: Whenever a citizen is denied his/her right, they help to protect the right of such a citizen. They may arrange legal aid for such citizens. The Civil Liberties Organisation (CLO) does this most of the time.
  • They represent alternative views: Their views, which are often different from the views of pressure groups, are taken into consideration by the government.
  • They help to check government excesses: They make their views known about government programmes and policies, especially when they are against the interests of the citizens.
  • They facilitate the democratic process: The involvement of civil society groups in debate, dialogue and criticisms of government policies and programmes, and their suggestions, help to promote democracy.
  • They promote consumer rights. This means that they fight for the protection of the rights of consumers of goods and services.
  • They promote healthy lifestyles and practices among their members.

Problems of Civil Society Groups

  • Inadequate Funding
  • Intolerance with political parties
  • Problem of Identification
  • Lack of personnel



  1. What are the major functions of civil society groups?
  2. List three examples of civil society groups you know
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