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Meaning of National Unity

In Nigeria, there are different people which belong to different ethnic, religious and political groups. All these groups have to live as well as come together and work for the common good of the nation.

National unity is when people in a country are living and working together in harmony and love.

Things that Promotes National Unity

  • Respecting the national objectives
  • National symbols such as National Anthem, Coat of Arm, National Pledge, National Currency, among others.
  • Respecting the ethnic and religious differences in the country

Values That Promote Peace

Our values are our ideas about what is wrong and what is right, and what is important in life.

Apart from valuing Nigerian made goods, there are other values that help to promote peaceful co-existence in the society.

  • Tolerance: We should be willing to allow other people to express their own views and beliefs without criticising them or behaving as if we know everything. Social interaction promotes tolerance and respect for others
  • Respect for others: We should be careful not to harm other people, or hurt their feelings. We must realise that we are all different, and whichever way we behave, we must respect other people’s feelings. We must learn to accommodate them and we must learn to be slow in getting angry with one another. We must value each other’s opinions because by so doing, we will learn more and keep our society attractive, safe and progressive.
  • Cooperation: Cooperation is working together to achieve something. People should learn to assist those in need of help. This will promote happiness among everyone. National Youth Corps on parade ground at a swearing-in ceremony
  • Unity: Coming together to do things for the good of all in any society is very important. In a country like Nigeria where there are so many ethnic groups, there is a great need for people to stick together. By coming together, we can develop the nation.
  • Fairness: People should be treated fairly without being cheated. We should all operate according to rules and regulations. No one should be treated unjustly because of their religion, financial status, family background or ethnic group.
  • Honesty: We must emphasise the truth at all times. The truth sets people free because it helps to solve our problems and it makes our fellow men trust and love us all the more. Honesty will reduce stealing, lying and other vices like fraud and prostitution.
  • Self-discipline: This is the ability to do what you know you should do.
  • Forgiveness: We should learn to forgive those who have hurt us in the past. Forgiveness will help us to progress as a nation.
  • Moderation: In Nigeria, we should learn to do things in moderation.



  1. What is National unity?
  2. Mention five values that promotes peace in the nation.
  3. List three national symbols you know.
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