Drug Laws and Their Enforcement

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Meaning of Drug Trafficking

Drug trafficking means carrying hard drugs from one destination to another, which is an illegal act. The movement of drugs is often from the point of production to where they are consumed.


Consequences of Drug Trafficking

It should be noted that trafficking in dangerous drugs is an act against the law in all countries of the world. It is not only in Nigeria, but all over the world. Drug laws are very clear on the punishment for trafficking in dangerous drugs.

In Nigeria, the following are the penalties or punishment for drug trafficking:

  • Imprisonment
  • Heavy fine
  • Forfeiture of local and foreign assets
  • Forfeiture of accounts
  • Forfeiture of passport
  • Death


Agencies Responsible For Enforcing Drug Laws

The laws against trafficking in hard drugs are enforced by some government agencies or institutions. These institutions in Nigeria include the following:

  • National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA): The institution was established purposely to enforce the law on trafficking in hard drugs. The NDLEA has qualified staff trained and equipped to detect those that carry drugs. NDLEA officials are found in our airports, seaports and land borders, where they check travellers and their luggage.
  • Nigeria Police Force: Officers of the Nigeria Police Force are in charge of arresting and charging offenders to court in order to be tried and, if found guilty, punished appropriately.
  • Customs and Excise Department: Officers of the Customs and Excise Department are always at the international airports as well as seaports and the land borders to ensure that the activities of traffickers are checked. They do this through checking travellers coming into, or going out of the country.
  • Federal and State Ministries of Health: The ministries of health at the federal and state levels are also involved in the enforcement of drug laws.


All the above government agencies are involved in one way or the other in monitoring the activities of drug traffickers. They ensure that they are caught and prosecuted by competent courts of law in Nigeria.



  1. Mention four penalties for using, or trafficking in dangerous drugs.
  2. Mention three agencies that are responsible for the enforcement of drug use and trafficking.
  3. b) State one responsibility of each of them.
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