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Meaning of Nationalism

Every human being belongs to a nation. In other words, everyone was born in a country, whether he is living in that country now or he is living in another. That is, everybody is a citizen of a country.

Nationalism is the love, care for one’s country and willingness to sacrifice for it. Once you are a member of a nation, you must love it and do all things that will promote the good name of the country.


Ways of Promoting National Interest

At whatever level we are, we must always promote the national interest.

  • We must be loyal and faithful to our country.
  • Plan how to serve the people for those in position of authority.
  • We must pay our taxes or whatever money we are asked to pay for the development of our nation.
  • Financial aids
  • Foreign aids
  • Import duty restriction and quotas
  • Diplomatic dialogue
  • Coalition
  • Propaganda
  • Embargo

Nationalist and Their Achievements

  • Herbert Macaulay founded the first political party in Nigeria- Nigerian Democratic Party in 1922 when Nigeria was still under British rule. He was a very hard-working and courageous leader. He loved Nigeria and Nigerians.
  • Nnamdi Azikiwe was the first President of Nigeria. He used his newspaper, the West African Pilot to criticize British rule in Nigeria as well as to educate and inform Nigerians of bad British policies. He was at the forefront in the establishment of University of Nigeria in 1962, shortly after Nigeria gained independence.
  • Obafemi Awolowo was the Premier of Western Nigeria, He is the founder of the Nigerian Tribune newspaper.
  • Tafawa Balewa was the first and only Prime Minister of Nigeria.
  • Anthony Enahoro was an activist and the first Nigerian to move the motion for Nigeria independence.



  1. What is nationalism?
  2. Mention three early nationalist in Nigeria.
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