National Consciousness and Identity II

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Values Related to Nationalism and Patriotism

Courage is the ability to be brave, even when one is in danger or in a difficult situation. A true nationalist should be brave. He should be honest even when some people are not honest. He should encourage all those around him to be cooperative and work in unity to serve the nation. Courage and the other values which we have already discussed are important for national progress and development.

When a country develops them in her citizens, they will be able to live together in unity and harmony.

Examples of Non National Symbols

  • School Uniform
  • Traffic symbols
  • Organizational symbols
  • Institutional symbols

Differences between national symbols and other symbols

The major difference between national symbols and other symbols is that national symbols like––the flag, the coat of arms, the pledge, etc, are for the entire nation while others are for specific groups like schools, clubs and companies.



  1. What is Courage?
  2. Differentiate between national symbol and non-national symbols.
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