Athletics – meaning of short and distance race



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In today’s class, we’re going to talk about athletics, which is all about running and racing. We’ll learn about two types of races: short races and distance races.

Athletics – meaning of short and distance race

Athletics is like a big sports party where people run, jump, and compete in all sorts of exciting events.

Short Races:

Short Races

Short races are like a quick sprint. They are usually very fast and over in a short time.

The most common short race is the 100 meters. It’s as fast as lightning!

Runners dash from the starting line to the finish line in a matter of seconds.

Short races test how fast you can run in a short burst of energy. It’s like a speedy dash to the ice cream truck!

Distance Races:

Distance races are like a marathon journey. They are much longer and require endurance.

The 800 meters is an example of a distance race. Runners need to keep a steady pace for a longer time. It’s like a slow and steady race to see who has the most endurance.

Distance races test your stamina and how well you can keep going without getting tired. It’s like a long hike in the woods.

Different Racing Skills:

Different Racing Skills

Short races are all about speed and quick bursts of energy.

Distance races are about pacing yourself and keeping a steady speed for a longer time.

Today, we learned about athletics and two types of races: short races, which are like lightning sprints, and distance races, which are like marathon journeys.

Some people are great at sprinting, and others excel in long-distance running. It’s all about finding the race that suits you best!


If you were in a distance race, like the 800 meters, how would you pace yourself to ensure you have enough energy to finish strong? 


What are the main differences between short races and distance races in athletics?

We have come to the end of today’s class. I hope you enjoyed the class!

In the next class, we shall be discussing Athletics – benefits of running.

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