Simple Jump – Basic rules of jumping



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In today’s class, we’re going to learn all about jumping and the simple rules to keep it safe and fun. Jumping is not just about going up and down; it’s about learning, moving, and having a great time.

Simple Jump – Basic rules of jumping

Jumping is like a mini adventure for our bodies. It’s a way to exercise and play at the same time.

Basic Rules of Jumping:

Basic Rules of Jumping

Warm-Up: Just like with running, it’s important to warm up before jumping. You can do some gentle stretches to prepare your muscles.

Use a Safe Surface: Jump on a soft and flat surface. Grass, a mat, or a carpet are great choices. Avoid jumping on hard or slippery surfaces.

Land with Bent Knees: When you jump and come back down, make sure your knees are slightly bent. This helps absorb the shock and protect your legs.

Jump Straight Up and Down: Try to jump in a straight line, up and down. Avoid jumping too far forward or backward to prevent falling.

Basic Rules of Jumping

Start with Small Jumps: If you’re new to jumping, start with small jumps. As you get better and more confident, you can jump higher or farther.

Use Your Arms: Swing your arms gently while jumping. It helps you balance and jump higher. It’s like your arms are your jumping wings!

Land Softly: When you land, try to land softly, like a feather. This is kinder to your body than landing with a heavy thud.

Basic Rules of Jumping

Have Fun: Most importantly, have fun while jumping! Jumping is about joy and play. Laugh, smile, and enjoy every jump you take.

Today, we learned the basic rules of jumping. Jumping is not just about going up and down; it’s about staying safe, having fun, and feeling free!


Why is it important to warm up before jumping? Explain how a warm-up can make your jumping experience better and safer.


Imagine you are teaching a friend who has never jumped before. List three important rules you would share with them to ensure they have a safe and enjoyable jumping experience.

We have come to the end of today’s class. I hope you enjoyed the class!

In the next class, we shall be discussing Simple jump – benefits of jumping.

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