Contents inside the first aid box II



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In today’s class, we’re going to continue our exploration of the contents inside a first aid box. 

Contents inside the first aid box II

Just like superheroes have different gadgets and tools, a well-prepared first aid box has a variety of items to handle different situations. Let’s continue our journey through the contents inside.

More Contents Inside the First Aid Box

Contents inside the first aid box II

Disposable Gloves: These are like your protective shields. They keep both you and the person you’re helping safe from germs and bodily fluids.

Instant Cold Packs: These are like magic ice packs that instantly get cold when you need them. They help reduce swelling and soothe injuries.

Adhesive Tape: This is your versatile helper for securing bandages and dressings. It keeps everything in place.

Elastic Bandage: This stretchy superhero wrap is perfect for supporting injured joints like wrists or ankles.

Burn Cream or Gel: These are soothing heroes for minor burns. They cool and relieve pain from burns or scalds.

Eye Wash or Saline Solution: This is like a refreshing shower for the eyes. It helps flush out any foreign objects or chemicals.

Breathing Barrier Mask: This small but essential device helps protect both you and the person you’re giving CPR to.

Contents inside the first aid box II

The contents inside a first aid box are like your allies in times of need. They each have a unique role in providing the care and comfort someone may require in an emergency.


Explain the purpose of disposable gloves in a first aid box.


Describe the functions of adhesive tape and elastic bandages in wound care.

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In the next class, we shall be discussing Uses of Contents Inside First Aid Box

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