Basic Gymnastics Activities

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In today’s Physical Education Class class, we will be learning about Basic Gymnastics Activities

Basic Gymnastics Activities 

      basic gymnastics activities

They are the activities performed on a mat, foam or floor. They are also known as stunts. Tumbling are the activities involving springing (jumping or moving rapidly), rolling, twisting and turning of the body.

They are also Floor Activities, which can be classified into the following:

(a) Stunts activities (individual or with a partner).

(b) Tumbling activities.

(c) Balancing activities.

They are all performed without apparatus.

Stunts without a partner include the following:

  1. Frog jump.
  2. Push up.
  3. Cycling in the air.
  4. Trunk curl.
  5. Sit up.
  6. Rabbit jump

Stunts with a partner include the following:

  1. Cock fight.
  2. See-saw.
  3. Wheelbarrow.
  4. Fireman lift.
  5. Lift the log.
  6. Chinese get-up.
  7. Leg wrestling.

The following are tumbling activities:

  1. Forward roll.
  2. Backward roll.
  3. Dive forward roll.
  4. Head stand.
  5. Handstand.
  6. Side roll.

The importance of these Activities include the following:

  • It develops courage.
  • It develops physical fitness.
  • It develops safety skills.
  • It provides the means of livelihood.
  • It improves body posture.
  • It develops alertness.
  • It develops coordination and balance.

The following safety precautions should be taken while taking part in floor activities:

  1. Have a proper warm up before activities.
  2. Make sure the playing area or field is free from dangerous objects or obstacles.
  3. Activities must be performed based on the ability of the performer.
  4. Put on the correct clothes.
  5. Practice and master fundamental skills before the exercises.
  6. Activities or exercises must be performed from simple to complex.
  7. Listen to and follow instructions.

In summary, Gymnastics Floor Activities are the activities performed on a mat, foam or floor. They are also known as stunts.


What are Gymnastics Floor Activities?


Reading Assignment

List five importance of Gymnastics Floor Activities.


Weekend Assignment

Identify five safety precautions in Gymnastics Floor Activities.


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