Gymnastics With Apparatus

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Gymnastics With Apparatus 

gymnastics with apparatus explained

Apparatus refers to any of the major pieces of equipment used during a gymnastics event. The name of the apparatus is also used to describe the event itself.

Succeeding at the highest level in men’s and women’s gymnastics involves mainly the mastery of a gymnast’s own body over how well they use a piece of equipment, like a ball or shoot into a goal like in other sports. There is plenty of equipment necessary to compete in the sport of gymnastics, however. This equipment is collectively referred to as gymnastics apparatus.

Some of the Gymnastics with Apparatus include:

The Mat

The performance area has surface elasticity to allow for power during take-off and softness for landing. The cover material is foam covered by heat-absorbing felt carpet, designed to not cause skin burns.

The Routine

Women’s floor routines are performed to music and last no longer than 90 seconds. A gymnast is required to cover the entire floor area during his or her exercise. Women’s routines combine dance movements and sequences with a variety of tumbling and acrobatic elements. It offers an opportunity for gymnasts to express their personalities.

Vaulting Table

The vaulting apparatus used in international competition was officially replaced in 2001. Instead of the traditional rectangular vaulting, the apparatus is now a larger vaulting table. The new structure was designed to be safer — both in the push-off area and in collision situations — with protective padding. It is designed to evenly distribute the rebound across the whole surface.

In summary, Apparatus refers to any of the major pieces of equipment used during a gymnastics event. 


Give two examples of Gymnastics with Apparatus?


Reading Assignment

Who is a Gymnast?


Weekend Assignment

Write a paragraph explaining what a Mat is used for in Gymnastics.


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