Rhythmic Activity

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Rhythmic Activity

rhythmic activity

Rhythmic activities are combinations of physical movements with sounds, beats, or music. Rhythmic activities rely on an internal or external rhythm used for self-expression, exercise, demonstration of physical ability, and expression of culture. 

Designing or selecting a rhythmic activity should include the following components of rhythmic activity:

  • level of physical ability and any means of changes necessary
  • interest in activity
  • length of time required to learn the activity
  • use of appropriate music, song, or beat

Did you know that Rhythmic activities have been taking place for thousands of years? Rhythmic activities trace back to many years ago, with sports such as gymnastics that combined movement with the use of rhythm. This created a form of physical expression with strength and ability.

In summary, Rhythmic activities allows the combinations of sounds and beats along with movements of the body can enable people to:

  • exercise
  • physically express themselves and their personalities
  • break down social barriers by including different levels of learners
  • promote friendship, community, and fun


What are Rhythmic Activities?


Reading Assignment

Give two importance of Rhythmic Activities 


Weekend Assignment

Give three examples of Rhythmic Activities.


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