Importance of School Health Programme

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Importance of School Health Programme 

    importance of school health programme

The importance of the School Health Programme works together with its objectives. And as such, identifying the objectives shows us just how much school health programs are.

The Importance/Objectives of the school health program in Nigeria include: 

  1. To promote the growth and development of every child, taking into consideration his or her health needs. So, each child has specific health needs. So, overall, you promote the growth and development of each child, bearing in mind his or her unique circumstances.
  2. To create awareness of the collaborative efforts of the school, home, and the community in health promotion. So, maintaining good health and promoting health is not just the function of one person. The school has to be involved; the home where the child is coming from has to be involved, and then the community as well has to be involved.
  3. To develop health consciousness among the learners. So, the objective of the School Health program is to make the recipients, that is, the students, conscious about their health.
  4. To create awareness of the availability and utilization of various health-related resources in the community. The children learn the things that help them to maintain good health in the community, facilities or infrastructure that promote health,  and how to make use of them.
  5. To promote collaboration in a world of interdependence, social interaction, and technological exposure in addressing emerging health issues.
  6. To build the skills of learners and staff for health promotion in the school community.



What is the School Health Programme’s objective?


Reading Assignment

Mention two Health Programmes in your school.


Weekend Assignment

Identify five importance of a School Health Programme.


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