School Health Programme

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School Health Programme 

    school health programme

School Health Programme in Health education is an important tool in achieving better health for children and the whole school. Developing good standards and regulations that include ethical decisions and sensitive issues is important for education quality. 

A Healthy School Environment means all the things that are planned, organized, and done to ensure that the environment is safe and healthy for all the members of the school community.

The idea behind this is that the school environment promotes good health.

Everything about the school environment should promote good health, both physically and in every aspect.

When you have an environment that promotes health, the students can learn better. They can put in their best.

So, it means that schools have to take care of the environment in a certain way.

The school community should be protected from excessive noise, heat, cold, and dampness.

Also, the Programme ensures the buildings are well constructed and follow the standards and specifications. Then, provide adequate toilet facilities for use. Safe water and sanitation facilities should be provided for use, as well as proper drainage and waste disposal facilities.

By doing so, these also provide safe recreational and sports facilities; proper fencing of the school.

In summary, components of school health program include these:

  1. Healthful school environments.
  2. School feeding services.
  3.  Skills-based health education.
  4. School health services.
  5.  School-home and community relationships.



What is the School Health Programme’s objective?


Reading Assignment

Write two importance of School Health Programme. 


Weekend Assignment 

Identify any five School Health Programmes in your school. 


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